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Credit Ratings

Last Update: June 13,2017

Credit rating reports of the issuer (JHF), MBS and SB are available at the website of each rating agency.

Rating and Investment Information Inc.

S&P Global Ratings

This page provides latest credit reports published by Standard and Poor's Ratings Services in terms of Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS). Please refer to the reports posted below.

<Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS)>

Title Series Issue Date of the report
Preliminary Rating 122 PDFPDFファイル[391KB] June 12, 2017
Presale Report 121 PDFPDFファイル[428KB] May 17, 2017
Rating 121 PDFPDFファイル[531KB] May 25, 2017
Rating (Issued bond) 30~41(GHLC) PDFPDFファイル[974KB] March 17, 2017

* The reports are ordinarily replaced on the next business day after Standard and Poor's Ratings Services publishes new reports of MBS and SB issued by JHF.
* JHF provides the reports with the prior consent from Standard and Poor's Ratings Services. However, JHF does not verify or validate information and JHF is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness of the reports.

Please contact Standard and Poor's Ratings Services to ask for back issues.


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